Here’s the solution:

Overcome Challenges

Are you faced with any of these typical challenges that can interfere with your company’s growth potential?

Do you feel like your business is the
best kept secret
in your marketplace?

Do you deserve the majority of business
in your market because of the
outstanding product and service
that your company provides?

eliminate root cause

We know from our experience working with small and midsized businesses all across North America that the number one reason why companies lose business to their inferior competitors is:

They Look Just Like Their Competition

From the customer’s perspective, if a business doesn’t look any better or different from another business;
they are forced to revert to price as their key decision-making criteria.

Are you constantly competing on price?

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Additional Causes:

– Business owners take on too much and they try to do it all themselves. They consult with “industry experts” for advice; however these “experts” are providing the exact same advice to all of the other businesses within the industry, which only exacerbates the problem. Looking within your industry won’t help your business truly stand out.

– Business owners often hire advertising agencies or consultants that only handle one distinct aspect of a marketing program. For example, they will hire a PPC (pay per click) company to bring traffic to their website. Meanwhile, there’s no in-depth discussion about what needs to happen to convert visitors to sales, resulting in excessive budgets being spent on “clicks”, without any regard to the actual revenue resulting from the clicks. The same can be said for other advertising mediums; a market specific vendor or representative who doesn’t understand how to properly integrate their product or service into your company’s “money-making goals”, will not efficiently produce the highest return on investment. Creating a succinct marketing program that thoroughly evaluates both the big picture goals and the strategic integration of the detailed plan is required to effectively distinguish your business.

Taking a piecemeal approach almost always results in wasted money.

The bottom line is that effective and lasting success  comes when these 
3 important aspects
of business are in complete unity:



The strategy all marketing efforts revolve around to separate you from your competition.



The systems you utilize to ensure you are maximizing Return On Investment (ROI) on all of your efforts.



The sales process you use to close the deals you should rightfully close.

implement Proven solutions

We work with business owners to develop the Strategy, Systems, and Sales processes that accurately differentiate your business from your competition and eliminate lost business to inferior competitors.

Large companies have internal marketing and business development departments; they’re responsible for providing solutions to revenue generation problems. Using a clear understanding of their company’s market-differentiation strategy, existing internal systems and sales processes, they create plans for tactical execution that strictly follows their strategic initiative. Their succinct marketing program, integrating a variety of inbound and outbound campaigns, all work together to differentiate the company to the prospects. Differentiation happens all along the way, NOT just when a salesperson is in front of the prospect (which is too late).

We provide small and mid-sized businesses the ability to access all of the same marketing and business development services, resources and staffing, that successful, large companies can, at a significantly reduced cost. We understand that our clients’ needs are never one size fits all; that is why we take the time to understand your business challenges and goals and provide solutions that allow you access to our specialized staffing to match your strategic requirements. Our buying power means we can spread staffing costs across all of our clients, providing you with the benefit of collective, discounted pricing. Click here to see why our clients love working with S3 and experiencing real return on investment (ROI) that our business model provides.