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Part of our foundational belief system is that knowledge should be free to those who are seeking to better themselves and their business. That is why we are committed to providing free marketing resources we know you will find of value. Regardless of whether we never have an opportunity to speak, we exchange a single conversation or we develop a long term relationship with you, we want to make a positive impact and provide you with takeaways that make a difference.

Check back regularly to this section to discover newly added resources and tools.

Cross Out & Write In Test

Complete the following simple exercise to find out if you’re falling into the trap of your company “looking like everyone else in your industry”. If you are consistently losing business to competitors or having to revert to price to win customers, this is an important tool for you.

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Snapshot Report

Receive a free Snapshot Report that will give your business a grade on your listings, reviews, social media presence and website. It will let you know if incorrect information has been found about your business on listing sites and will analyze your overall visibility on the web. Get your free Snapshot Report and find out exactly how your reputation online ranks up against your competitors.

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Wait a minute– what is a Snapshot Report?

We are glad you asked! A Snapshot Report is a scorecard of your “virtual doorway”.